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My Carisma situation (New member)

Beitrag#1/2 von basipal » 18.05.2020 13:30

I am a new member, not sure if this site is still being used by anyone, but I'm hoping!

I'm Banipal. I'm from Denmark, and I have a facelift Carisma from 2000, with a 1.8 GDI. My dad has only owned Carismas since 2003 (about 5-6 of them about now), so it is only understandable that my first car, and my second car (the one i have now), have been Carismas. (He wasn't happy unless i bought a Carisma as my car, and now i understand why)

I'm looking for information about engine swaps, and thought that this may be my best hope for some information. I've read that the Volvo T4 engine with 200hp fits into the Carisma, and I just want to know if the engine mounts are the same, or if something critical has to be modified in order for it to fit.

I've also been offered a 2.4 GDI V6 from a low-mile Galant (140.000km) for free, and was considering if that would perhaps fit more easy into the engine bay of the Carisma?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, and I'm really sorry if it has already been covered in another forum, but if it has, then please advice me and tell me what to search for to find it. :)


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Re: My Carisma situation (New member)

Beitrag#2/2 von carisma » 19.05.2020 10:22

Hello and welcome.

The information in this topic: volvo S40 motor in Carisma bj. 96
say the Volvo s40/v40 engine block (Modell T4) has the same mountingpoints. :ok:


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